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Dogpile: A Multi-Engine Search Tool
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Search: the web pages from Canada

Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia


Phone Books: Canada: Residential and Business listings and reverse lookup

Zap2It TV Listings [New!]     TV.Com     EpGuides.Com (TV episode guides)

Mainstream News: AP Newswire      Google News      CNN

More News Resources: Guardian Unlimited (UK)      Asahi Shimbun (Japan)      CBC (Canada)

Eschaton (Atrios)    Michael Moore (U.S.)    This Modern World (U.S.)    Village Voice (U.S.)

Daily KOS    The Blotter    Molly Ivins, RIP    J. Michael Straczynski posts

America Blog    Bob Harris    Cursor.Org    Ted Rall    Theocracy Watch    PopURLs [New!]

Information Clearinghouse    Common Dreams News Center    Tom Paine

left i on the news [New!]    Talking Points Memo    Watching America    Hullabaloo by digby [New!]

The Huffington Post    Salon.Com    Crooks and Liars    Firedoglake [New!]    AlterNet [New!]

Halifax, N.S.  4 Day Weather Forecast Graphic and
Environment Canada's most recent N.S. Forecast  •   Current Halifax Radar
UQAM Weather Centre CMC Radar Composite     Earth Winds Map
Ventusky Interactive Map

Computer/Internet News:      Slashdot      µ the inquirer      The Register
Digg     Ars Technica     ZD Net     C|Net News     Gizmodo [New!] Boingboing [New!] Intel PopURLs [New!]

Internet Tools:      Sam Spade      IP Locator

The Ultimate Band List/Artists Direct: A search engine of 20th century music.

The iTools Research Site: Featuring a currency converter, a universal translator, a pronunciation dictionary, English dictionary, rhyming dictionary, computing dictionary, thesaurus, language identifier, french verb conjugator, anagram engine, acronym dictionary, biographical dictionary, birthday search engine, religious dictionary, Bartlett's Online Quotations, maps, the CIA factbook, telephone listings, an 800 number directory, stock quotes, zip codes, UPS and Fedex parcel trackers, listings of email discussion groups, and more resources being added all the time.

Wikipedia: Free online encyclopedia     Hyperdictionary

Dead People Server    IMDB Obits    Who's Alive and Who's Dead    Entertainment Insiders

The Disinformation Subculture Search Engine: If it's a story not covered by the conventional media, look for it here.

The CSICOP Search Engine: The Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims Of the Paranormal is dedicated to the proposition that extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof. Look for the truth here.

The Encyclopædia Britannica: Website of the famous knowledge provider.

The Merck Manual - Home Edition A plainly written medical manual for the lay person.

Martindale's Reference Desk and Health Service Guide: An extraordinarily comprehensive reference of medicine, anatomy, the sciences, pretty much the sum total of human knowledge, actually. There is so much here an index of it would be larger than my entire web site.

Manley D. Bennett's Teaching and Learning About Canada: An extraordinarily detailed reference about all things Canadian, ideal for Social Studies teachers and students.

Cecil Adams' The Straight Dope: Where you will find the true answers to all manner of strange questions. This site contains the most recent 52 weeks of reclusive genius Cecil Adams' The Straight Dope newspaper column. Recommended reading.

Straight Dope Archive [New!]

I, Cringely: Bob Cringely's weekly column on technical issues, news and scuttlebutt. Recommended reading.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Annotated and available for download or read them online. The place to go for definitions of computer terms for the layman and other arcana.

The Excite! Web Site Search Engine: Access to millions of sites.

The Advanced Research Page: The most interesting and innovative sites that I could find. Explore nanotechnology and the home pages of great thinkers here.

The Caramilk Secret: Ian Bailey's excellent explanation of a complex manufacturing process is again online. (Warning: audio clip cuts in as soon as web page loads.)

The Internet Tourbus: Long-running computer and Internet mailing list archived postings. [New!]


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